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Our next show is quickly approaching.  Be sure to get your pre-entries in and save time the day of show!!

The western ring has some change, we have added additional games (adult & Youth Dash and Flag) and we will be running the games during our lunch break (approx 11:30) 



Save time the day of the show and use our new Pre-Entry Online Form, making it super easy to send us your entries ahead of time, for both the English and Western Divisions, all on the same form.

  • Reminder: The Deadline for Early Bird Entries is Monday, June 17th 2019
  • An email CONFIRMATION will be sent. Please print email CONFIRMATION and bring that to the show with you. 
  • Click here to pre-register : 
  • If you have issues with online entry, please contact Stephanie Bunda


We will have a small canteen serving up hamburgers, hot dogs, drinks and snacks. All proceeds go towards helping kids get into the saddle who otherwise couldn’t afford to. Bring your cash, and enjoy our bbq! The canteen will be at every horse show.

In Earlier News....

In the English ring, we have an Open Medal class. This is technically one class, but it has two phases. The first phase is over fences, where you are judged on your equitation over fences. Your style, your ability to ride the course, and your horse’s response to you as well. After the over fences, a minimum of 10 riders get called back for an under saddle portion. You will then be judged on your equitation on the flat. It’s exciting, and a great experience for both horse and Rider.

In our western ring, we have added a number of additional classes included some fun classes (water class, egg ad spoon, costume) and added an Open Command Jackpot class! This is one all riders will want to try. Riders will enter the ring, and the judge will give commands. If you do not do what is asked, maintain the gait, or delay the move/transition, you will be eliminated. You never know what is going to be asked! This is about responsive horses, asking the right items at the right time. It is an additional fee of $20 on top of your day fees, but it includes a payout to the top 3 placers in the class. English riders have the option to cross over as well.

The western division is also awarding high point awards at each of our shows to the top placing rider in the following divisions: 

All Around Open Adult
All Around Novice Adult
All Around Youth
All Around Adult Walk/Jog
All Around Youth Walk/Jog
All Around Performance Horse

The Dwyer Hill Riding Club, founded in 1995, is an entry-level non-profit organization that promotes good horsemanship and provides mentorship to new and upcoming riders. Horse owners and enthusiasts are encouraged to participate in various equine disciplines in a fun yet safe environment. The Club is managed predominantly by volunteers; however, show expenses are offset through funding from Club members as well from support of local businesses and citizens. We welcome spectators to cheer on riders who range from 4+ years of age to several of our mature members. The shows are all held at the Richmond Fairgrounds (same location as the Richmond Fair).

As all not for profit organizations, we are always looking for volunteers to help!  This is also a great way for students to earn some community service hours!!   

The Club is always looking for help at the shows (setting up courses, jumps, etc.) If you are interested, please contact us and let us know.  

Dwyer Hill Riding Club

Looking for Volunteers!

PAC Approved Shows!

The DHRC Shows are PAC Approved for 2019!.
For more information on the PAC program, read


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2019 Class Lists, Rider Show Notes, Membership and Entry Forms will be updated shortly!